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Why is it that people sell gift cards for cash?

                Gift cards are perks of some companies to motivate their employees to improve their performance or reward them for a job well done. Receiving gift cards is like receiving money as well except for the fact that it can only be used to some specific companies. Each gift cards has its own terms and conditions and would sometimes be valid only for some specific products.

Reasons why people opt to sell gift cards for cash

                Each company gift cards designs its own terms and conditions to control the usage for the consumers. Here are some of the reasons why some prefer to sell gift cards for cash conversion:

-The first reason why people sell gift cardsfor cash is if they need cash. I can’t find any better reason than this. Of course, if you need to pay your bills and you don’t have cash you would always find means to find money. If you have gift cards, you can always sell it to get cash. Most people sell it at price lower than its value for a much faster transaction.

– The second reason is they don’t need the things that they can buy using their gift cards. For example they have gift cards to a bookstore. If that person doesn’t want to buy anything at a bookstore then there’s no reason for them to use that gift cards. Instead of using it to buy something unnecessary why not sell it and get instant cash then they can buy something that they like.

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